Manage Your Money With SALT

What Is SALT?

SALT is a free online educational program, created by American Student Assistance, that empowers students to take ownership of their finances. SALT is like your own personal "money coach" that guides you through financing your education, managing your student loans and handling the many financial decisions you may face after college life. Get Started – it's free!

Why do they call it SALT? In ancient times, salt was once a form of currency, so the name literally means money!

Want to learn more? 

With SALT you can:

  • Learn about personal finance.
  • Search for scholarships.
  • Find jobs and internships.
  • Snag deals and discounts.
  • Manage your student loans.
  • Get expert help with loan questions.
  • Upload your NSLDS Loan Data (PDF)

"My Money 101" Learning Modules

SALT "My Money 101" Lessons can help you plan for your education, navigate your personal finances and start your career.  

SALT Lessons:  Overview & Objectives (PDF)

Win a Book Scholarship!

Raffle drawings for SCC book scholarships are held each semester for students who complete "My Money 101" learning modules. Entering the contest is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Sign up for a free SALT membership at
  2. Complete a "My Money 101" module (under Resources menu).
  3. Print your "Certificate of Completion" and return it to ADM 1113.

See flyer (PDF) for details.

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