Financial Aid Disbursement Info

The following information will assist students in understanding the process of disbursing student aid:

Student aid recipients at SCC can expect to receive a disbursement after the following steps have taken place:

  1. Your application must be reviewed and finalized by SCC. This includes verification of eligibility and documentation required for your application.
  2. Verification of student enrollment and attendance/participation.
  3. Receipt of funds from the grant, scholarship or direct loan source. Funds will first be applied to any outstanding charges on your student account. This includes: tuition, fees and bookstore purchases.
  4. Any excess funds will then be deposited to your SCC Access card.
  5. Financial Aid Application Process
    Students who submit their financial aid application and supporting information to the Financial Aid office prior to the deadline for the semester should receive their refunds during the fifth week of the semester.

    Students who apply for financial aid after the deadline may still receive a refund, but should expect a delay.

    Student files that are incomplete or are selected for the verification process may take up to an additional 4-6 weeks to process.

Validation of Student Enrollment and Attendance

In order to receive student aid funds, class attendance/participation is required to maintain student aid eligibility. Students who fail to meet the satisfactory academic progress standards (SAP) are subject to warning or suspension of academic and/or financial aid eligibility.

Students receiving financial aid assistance must attend and participate in classes.

Determining Student Aid Disbursements

Financial aid funds are applied directly to each student's account with the college in order to pay balances of tuition, fees and bookstore charges.

After the student account charges have been cleared, any remaining credit balance (overpayment) will be disbursed to the student.

Deposit of the Disbursement Funds to the SCC Access Card

This is the step everyone likes – getting the money!  Students must have an active SCC Access Card in order to receive their financial aid disbursement.

After all the above steps are complete and the Financial Services Department has reviewed each student account and disbursed financial aid, any remaining funds are deposited to the student's SCC Access Card.

Initial student aid disbursements are deposited to each student's SCC Access Card account approximately 5 weeks after the beginning of classes.


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