Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs and jogging strollers allowed at the race?

Can a calculator be used in a math class?

Can I bring a pet to Rhythm and Ribs?

Can I bring my own food or a cooler to Rhythm and Ribs?

Can I purchase a Rhythm and Ribs VIP ticket and have my spouse/friend purchase a Music & More or General Admission ticket?

Can I purchase food and drink once I’m inside Rhythm and Ribs?

Can I sign up for the 10K, 5K or 1-Mile Fun Run on race day?

Can I smoke at the Rhythm and Ribs event since it’s outside?

Can I switch races? I signed up for ...

Can I use a credit card to purchase additional Rhythm and Ribs tickets?

Do I have to buy the book for my math class if I use MML?

Do I need a ticket for Rhythm and Ribs?

Do I need to bring a chair to Rhythm and Ribs?

How do I sign up for That '80s Run?

How do I start a new club?

How do I use the Fitness Center?

How long do I have to finish the race?

How much does it cost to run in the race?

I purchased my Rhythm and Ribs tickets online; do I need to bring anything with me?

Is my Rhythm and Ribs ticket considered a tax donation?

Is Rhythm and Ribs family friendly?

Is the Rhythm and Ribs event handicap accessible?

Is there a Rhythm and Ribs child’s ticket?

Is there an age restriction for the 10K or 5K race?

What food and drinks will be available at Rhythm and Ribs and how many tickets will be needed?

What happens if it rains for Rhythm and Ribs?

What is Rhythm and Ribs?

What is the college's tobacco policy?

What is the length of my Fitness Center privilege?

What is the St. Charles Community College Foundation?

What records are accessed through the background check?

What time does the Expo open and what exhibits will be there?

What time does the race start?

When are the runners awards and prize drawings announced?

When do tickets for Rhythm and Ribs go on sale?

When is Rhythm and Ribs?

When is the drawing for the $1,000 Scholarship to SCC?

Where are the race routes?

Where do I drop my tickets off for That '80s Run prize drawing?

Where do I park for Rhythm and Ribs?

Where do I pick up my race packet?

Where is Rhythm and Ribs?

Who can use the Fitness Center?

Who is required to obtain a background check?

Who will be performing at this event?

Will there be alcohol at Rhythm and Ribs?