Scholarships at SCC

There are a wide variety of sources for scholarship information.  To help you in your search, SCC has a scholarship website, which primarily lists scholarships offered through SCC funding or gift donations made to the college. Information is also available pertaining to Internet references and transfer scholarship information to other Missouri colleges and universities.

SCC Board of Trustees Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships are the two primary awards exclusive to SCC students. A brief summary of these scholarship programs is given below.

Board of Trustees Scholarship Program

The Board of Trustees Scholarship Program is designed to attract students to SCC who have demonstrated a high level of academic ability, have other special talents or are a military family member.

All Board of Trustees scholarships cover the cost of in-district tuition and standard fees. Special fees, such as allied health, technology, private music lessons, malpractice insurance for nursing, OTA and Health Information, RN certification course and clinicals, LPN assessment testing, nursing assessment testing, scuba course and telecourse fees, are not included. Any additional tuition (for example, if a student lives out of the district) must be paid by the recipient.

Board of Trustees scholarship awards apply only to those courses that are part of your degree program within a 72-credit-hour limit. In addition to the 72 credit hours, the Trustee Scholarships will apply to any developmental courses you may be required to complete. Courses transferred from other institutions that apply to your degree program will be considered in the 72-credit-hour limit.

Deadlines for all Trustee Scholarships are March 1, June 1 and Nov. 1. Awards can be renewed for up to three additional semesters (excluding summers) providing the recipient maintains a 2.5 cumulative GPA and completes at least 6 credit hours.

SCC Foundation Scholarships

The St. Charles Community College Foundation is the official fund raising and private gift-receiving agency for the college. Chartered as a non-profit corporation for educational purposes, the Foundation solicits and receives tax-deductible gifts and manages these gifts and bequests for the benefit of the college.

The SCC Foundation Board of Directors is composed of concerned community leaders from businesses, professions, and service agencies and institutions. Directors take an active role in fund raising and they dedicate a portion of those funds for scholarship opportunities to St. Charles Community College students.

The deadline established for all Foundation Scholarships is March 1. Award amounts vary but will not exceed the cost of tuition, standard fees and books. Funds are applied directly to the student’s account. Some of the Foundation Scholarships are renewable for one additional semester, providing the renewal criteria are met.

To obtain additional information or to apply for either the Board of Trustee Scholarship and/or the Foundation Scholarships, you may contact the Enrollment Services Department at 636-922-8601 or stop by the office to obtain an application. Applications are also available online at


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