Financial Assistance Appeals Process

Appeal requests must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Department by noon on the second Wednesday of the month. Applications received after the second Wednesday will be reviewed at the next month’s meeting (no exceptions). Exceptions to the college’s SAP policies are not made lightly and will generally be considered only for extenuating circumstances. Decisions are based on an individual’s extenuating circumstances, the documentation provided and the student’s academic history.

An incomplete application will not be reviewed by the Appeals Committee.

Appeals Process

  1. Complete a Financial Assistance Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal form
  2. Submit a typed one-page letter explaining why you are currently not meeting SAP standards and what has changed that will enable you to be successful in the future. Include relevant dates, names and relationships when possible.
  3. Submit a degree audit report printed from your SCC Connection account.
  4. Submit supporting documentation of your extenuating circumstances that have contributed to your inability to maintain SAP. Listed below are examples of valid mitigating circumstances and documentation that will be accepted for validation:
  • Death of an immediate family member. Immediate family members include spouses, parents/step-parents, mother or father-in-Law, siblings/step-siblings, sister or brother-in-law, children/step-children, or a dependent living in the household of the student (provide documentation that the dependent was living in the household).  Attach a photocopy of the death certificate and include the name and your relationship of the deceased.
  • Medical illness or injury to student or an immediate family member (see above for list of immediate family members) that was documented and required extended recovery time. Pregnancy is not an acceptable reason.  However a pregnancy with complications documented by a physician is acceptable.
  • Significant trauma in student’s life that impaired the student’s emotional and/or physical health. This includes unexpected economic hardships.
  • Involuntary change of employment that caused the student to withdraw (if you received failing grade(s) indicate in your statement why you did not withdraw).
  • Military deployment.
  • Was unprepared for college at the time (Lack of transportation is not an acceptable reason).
  • Prior degree.  (Separate application)

The Appeals Committee meets the third Wednesday of every month. One additional meeting time will be scheduled in January, May and August to coincide with the payment due dates for the next semester. You will be notified by mail of the committee’s decision.

Should you wish to contest the original decision of the committee, you may do so in person at the next appeals meeting. To schedule an appearance, call 636-922-8270 no later than noon on the Wednesday preceding the meeting.

Students on financial assistance suspension, whose appeals have not been read and/or approved by the payment deadline for a given semester, are required to pay for their tuition and fees (by the payment deadline) in order to secure the classes in which they have enrolled.

Appeals must be received no later than three weeks after the start of the semester in which you are enrolled.  Appeals received after three weeks will take effect the following semester.


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