Federal Work-Study Program

Students who have completed a FAFSA may be eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP). The FWSP is a need-based program that allows students to work 12-15 hours per week while school is in session and 20 hours per week when not in session. Most employment is on campus and pays $7.40 per hour. FWSP students are exempt from FICA taxes.

Students interested in applying for the FWSP should obtain an interest form from the Enrollment Services Department. Applications remain on file for one semester in the office for review by interested college departments. Upon hire, students will need to complete tax forms (including a W-4) with the Human Resources Department.

The total work-study award a student is eligible to receive will be calculated by the Enrollment Services Department based on the information reported on the Student Aid Report (SAR) and other funds awarded for a given semester.

FWSP students are required to complete a time sheet each day they work. Time sheets must be signed by the supervisor and submitted to the Enrollment Services Department by the scheduled deadline for each pay period. Payroll is available every other Friday through direct deposit to a bank account of the student’s choice.

Work-study students are expected to report for their scheduled shifts. You must contact your supervisor should you be unable to attend work or need to adjust your schedule. FWSP students should be working during their scheduled hours. You will be sent home should there be no work assignments available for you when you report to your job at your scheduled time. FWSP students may take an unpaid lunch break or other unpaid breaks as scheduled by their supervisor.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards must be maintained by FWSP students to continue employment. Please refer to Satisfactory Academic Progress page.

FWSP students do not qualify for Family and Medical Leave.



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