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Financial Aid & Tuition

Financial Aid


Welcome and thank you for your interest in St. Charles Community College. The Enrollment Services Department is here to provide students with the resources needed to obtain financial assistance. We are here to help you maneuver through the financial assistance processes more efficiently.

There are a wide variety of financial assistance programs to accommodate every student who wishes to attend college. These programs are available through federal, state and local sources.The information provided here should answer your questions. To schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor, call 636-922-8601.


In order to make education affordable, fees have been set as low as possible. Students pay only a portion of the cost of their education because much of the support for St. Charles Community College comes from the state of Missouri and from property taxes paid by St. Charles Community College District residents. If you live within the St. Charles Community College district, the fees you pay will be the most affordable rates around. Many out-of-district students also benefit from low rates and the convenient location of SCC. The SCC district includes all of St. Charles County except for a small area that is within the Washington School District.

Students who register to audit a course without earning grades or credits will pay the regular tuition rate. Students auditing a course must meet course prerequisites. Financial assistance does not apply to audited courses.

An additional fee may be charged for private music lessons, nursing clinicals, and allied health malpractice insurance or other courses with related special costs. Course fees are published in each credit class schedule.

Change in Residency

In order to receive the in-district tuition rate, you must submit any changes in residency that affect tuition charges before the first day of class of the semester in which the change will take place. Proof of residency must accompany a request for change from out-of-district to in-district residency.

Current Tuition and Fee Rates

Student Loan Code of Conduct


SALT is a free resource designed to guide you through financing your education, managing your student loans, handling financial decisions after college and starting your career. Learn more about SALT.


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