Leadership Enrichment Program

The Leadership Enrichment Program is designed to enhance new and existing supervisory employees’ knowledge in key areas specific to being a successful and effective leader.  The program course requirements include:

  • Completion of the five core courses described below.
  • Completion of the Mission, Vision, and Values program Completion of one elective training course:
    • This may include one of the STEP classes (other than one of the core courses), an online course, college course, training seminar, workshop, or similar training program which is relevant to your position or supervision and approved by your supervisor (a list of elective examples are attached).
    • Only programs completed after 7/1/09 will be considered as eligible for the elective.

Core Courses

Coaching for Improvement

  • Do you avoid discussing poor performance and work habits with your employees because it is uncomfortable or challenging?   
  • Are unresolved performance and work habit issues impacting others’ morale or productivity? 

Employees need to take responsibility for their unacceptable performance or work habits that impact others and the organization – but leaders must know how to help them do it.  This course assists leaders in conducting effective improvement discussions to provide the feedback and ongoing support employees need to improve performance while fostering morale and productivity.

Interviewing Skills/Legal Guidelines

  • Do you want to utilize the best method for selecting the right candidate?
  • Are you confident that you are asking legally-acceptable questions during interviews?
  • Are your hiring decisions documented and legally defensible?

The behavioral interviewing process will improve your selection decisions.  You will also be more confident about the fairness and legality of your interviews after completing this course. 

Civil Treatment for Managers

  • Do you exemplify and reinforce SCC’s mission and values with your employees?
  • Do you value a positive College culture?
  • Are you aware that inappropriate behavior disrupts the workplace and causes unnecessary risks?
  • Are you comfortable with the numerous employment laws? 

This course provides managers with the tools they need to practice fair and legal management in today's changing workplace.  You will learn how to take complex legal standards and translate them into guidelines for professional behavior. Using an interactive and experiential design, participants serve as witnesses and jurors in simulated cases, learning firsthand how their conduct can either cause or prevent liability and other workplace problems.

Managing Performance Problems

  • Do your employees understand why their performance doesn’t meet expectations and what will happen if they don’t improve?
  • Are you able to defuse strong emotions when discussing performance problems?

This course builds leaders’ skills in handling chronic performance or work habit problems or serious misconduct.  Leaders will learn how to document the problem and explain what the employee must do to address it.   Learn to take appropriate action, based on best practices, to effectively address ongoing performance and work habit problems or serious misconduct.

SCC Policy Review/Update

  • Are you knowledgeable about overtime pay requirements and other compensable time?
  • Are you confused about FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) law and your responsibilities in the process?
  • How often do breaks need to be given to my employees?
  • What is the approval process for multiple assignments?

Policies are used to set standards which reflect the culture of the College and to comply with important laws. They communicate guidelines and parameters which provide a consistent reference and framework for employees and afford supervisors and managers with a reliable structure for maintaining fairness in decision-making and discipline.  This session will give you the opportunity to review many of SCC’s board policies and procedures and obtain a better understanding of how to administer them.