Model Release   Services

SCC video is similar to SCC photography. Photo subjects should be in focus and free of clutter. Principal subjects should be somewhat distant from the background to create a soft/out-of-focus background feel. This is the video’s depth of field. 

Subjects should be positioned to either the left or right side of the frame and are shown from the waist up or closer.

Model Release

Permission must be obtained from student models who appear in videos intended for marketing and advertising purposes.. Download and have the model complete the Model Release Form located under Marketing and Communications on the intranet prior to filming.


The Marketing and Communications Department’s video services are free of charge. Marketing and Communications will produce video for promotional purposes. Video needs that are of an instructional nature should be requested through the Instructional Media Department. Download the Marketing and Communications Work Request form from the intranet and submit it to or deliver to ADM 1121 to request video services.


Heather McDorman
Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing Services

Ben Munson
Director of Creative Services

Brynne Cramer
Public Relations Coordinator

Nick Hogan
Website Coordinator