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Testimonial and Environmental Portraits

Photo subjects should be in focus and free of clutter. Subjects should be somewhat distant from their background to create a soft/out-of-focus background feel. This is the photograph’s depth of field. 

Subjects should be positioned to either the left or right side of the frame and are shown from the waist up or closer. Do not flip the image horizontally in layout. Only in extreme circumstances is this permitted.

Portrait Example

Portrait example

Image Quality

Print Reproduction

  • Images need to be 300 dpi (dots per inch) and set to the CMYK color profile. JPEG or TIFF are the best file formats supported for print reproduction.


  • A computer monitor is set to display at 72 dpi. Images can be saved in three different formats – JPEG, GIF and PNG. The format you use may affect the quality of the image. The JPEG format is best used when there is a lot of color in a picture and storing a photograph. The GIF or PNG formats are best used when there are few colors in a picture, if transparency is desired or when storing line drawings, text and/or graphics. Web image files work only when set to the RGB color profile.
  • Refer to Layout and Design of the style guide for instruction on using photographs on the SCC website.

Model Release

Permission must be obtained from student models who appear in photographs intended for marketing and advertising purposes. Download the Model Release Form located under Marketing and Communications on the intranet and have the model complete and return it to you before taking the photo(s).

While no cost is associated with sharing SCC photographs, they cannot be released to the public until they have met their primary purpose (i.e. printed materials, Facebook, website, etc.).


The Marketing and Communications Department’s photography services are free of charge and include portrait, event and general marketing. Download the Marketing and Communications Work Request Form from the intranet and submit it to mac@stchas.edu or deliver to ADM 1121 to request photography services.


Heather McDorman
Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing Services

Ben Munson
Director of Creative Services

Brynne Cramer
Public Relations Coordinator

Nick Hogan
Website Coordinator