Instructional Media Department

Instructional Media

The Instructional Media Department serves as a resource for the faculty and staff of the college. We offer assistance with audio-visual projects, videotaping, presentation software, media duplicating, interactive video teaching, videoconferencing, scanning and Internet use. Some of the audio-visual equipment available to faculty members are DVD players, video/data projectors, digital cameras, video camcorders, a CD-ROM recorder and laptop computers.

We offer training and support on various technology topics and computer software including Powerpoint, Smartboards, video editing, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher and Interactive Video teaching.


We provide the following services to faculty and staff:

Audio-Visual Support

  • Basic consultation on use of traditional audio-visual media, including:
    • Slides
    • Film
    • Overheads


  • A/V setup for special events requiring public address systems, video projectors, etc.
  • Consultation on purchasing of audio-visual equipment.
  • Basic troubleshooting and maintenance of audio-visual equipment.


  • Producing interactive, multimedia educational programs.
  • Producing computer presentations.
  • Computer graphics, scanning and animation.
  • Printed educational support materials (handouts, flyers, syllabi, etc.).


  • Provide training to all new teachers using the Interactive Video classrooms.
  • One-on-one assistance to SCC faculty on various instructional media.
  • Produce videos that provide instruction in various disciplines.
  • Give educational presentations demonstrating media tools.
  • Produce printed materials and handouts on using instructional media.


  • Video conferencing.
  • Audio recording/duplication.
  • Image scanning.
  • Educational photography.
  • Disc burning.

Video Production

Another function of the Instructional Media Department is to provide video production services to the campus community. The college has full production capability with a professional quality video cameras, lights, microphones, tripods, a digital production switcher and a Mac-based video editing system. Our TV Studio (LRC 203) has studio lighting, a greenscreen backdrop and a teleprompter. Many campus events such as graduations, theatrical performances, musical presentations and speeches are routinely taped and archived in the IM office. The department has also produced video programs to be shown at the annual convention of the Missouri Community College Association and over the local cable TV channel.

To schedule equipment or to schedule videoconferences, see our page on the SCC Intranet.


Media Info

Office Location

Learning Resource Center, Room 209

Contact Information

Michael Dunkus
Instructional Media Assistant

Bob Gill
Instructional Media Manager

Jason Wathen
Instructional Media Specialist