Reports Submitted and Data Services Available

Federal, State and Campus Reporting

Institutional Research and Grants (IRG) is responsible for providing and gathering data for many of the reports submitted each year to federal and state agencies, higher education agencies and within the campus community.

Routine reports include those federally mandated by the Integrated Post Secondary Educational Data System (IPEDS). The IPEDS reports submitted annually include:

  • IPEDS – Completions Report
  • IPEDS – Institutional Characteristics
  • IPEDS – Fall Enrollment
  • IPEDS – Financial Statistics
  • IPEDS – Student Financial Aid
  • IPEDS – Graduation Rate Survey
  • IPEDS – Human Resources
  • IPEDS – 12 Month Enrollment
  • IPEDS – Library

IRG also files the DHE14-1 – Student Financial Aid Awarded to the Department of Higher Education (DHE), in addition to submitting data to the state for the Enhanced Missouri Student Achievement Study (EMSAS). EMSAS data is maintained at the Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE) in Jefferson City, Mo. SCC supplies the following EMSAS data files:

  • EMSAS Completions File
  • EMSAS Term Registration File
  • EMSAS Fall Enrollment Files

Additionally, IRG participates in the National Community College Benchmarking Project each year.

IRG also completes a census report three times each year. SCC headcount and FTE (full-time equivalency) along with demographic and academic data are collected from the Colleague system on the 20th day of class during the spring and fall semesters, and on the 10th day of class in the summer semester. Data from these reports are used in the college's state and federal reporting and by the campus community at large.

IRG Services

IRG is available to help meet your data needs. We have data resources that can answer a variety of student-based queries. IRG can provide expertise in survey design, generate simple frequency reports, or help you analyze data for your project.

Contact the Director of IRG via email at for assistance with your data needs. Please also include a date when you need the data for your project.

IRG is happy to meet with you to plan a project based on your available information and will do its best to provide answers to your research questions within a reasonable period of time.