Institutional Research and Grants


Welcome to the Department of Institutional Research and Grants (IRG), located in the Social Sciences Building, Room 2104 at St. Charles Community College (SCC).

The Department of IRG was established in 1997 as the Department of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. In 2014 the name was changed to IRG to reflect the added functions of the department.

The goal of the Department of IRG is to support SCC’s mission by providing timely, accurate, useful, easily digestible information to the college, the community and other stakeholders. Through reports, data, research and trend analysis, IRG provides responsible parties with the information and tools needed to make data-driven decisions. In addition to providing data, IRG also seeks grant funding for initiatives which further SCC’s mission.

Staff Bios and Contact Information

Dr. Chris H. JacksonDr. Hubbard Jackson started at SCC in 2014 as the Director of Grants and Research. She has more than 10 years of experience in higher education, serving in various roles such as institutional research, grants, instruction, administration, student services, assessment, etc. Dr. Hubbard Jackson holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, a M.Ed. in Adult and Higher Education Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research, all from the University of Missouri-St. Louis; a M.A. in I/O Psychology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Dr. Hubbard Jackson’s research interests include institutional data trends, assessment, postsecondary faculty, burnout and special interests populations.

Dr. Chris Hubbard Jackson
Director of Grants & Research

Christina Usher

Christina joined the Department of Institutional Research and Grants (IRG) in Feb. 2015. Christina has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from UMSL, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Missouri State University, as well as an Associate of Arts from St. Charles Community College. Christina’s IRG responsibilities include: survey development, data entry, data analysis, preparation of resource material such as the SCC Fact Book (Cougar Count), coordination and completion of projects, tasks and data requests as assigned by the director, preparation of correspondence and generation of charts, tables, graphs, etc. for reports and presentations, and updating the departmental  website.

Christina Usher
Associate Director of Institutional Research