It is important that the college set and maintain certain standards for technology purchases on our campus.  All requisition forms submitted to the purchasing department that involve any type of technology are peer-reviewed by the director of academic computing (in the case of all classroom technology purchases) or the director of network computing (for all other technology purchases).  This review process ensures that any new technology will work with the college’s network infrastructure and meet certain standards, such as those detailed below.

With regard to PCs, the college purchases enterprise-class models that provide good value and can withstand the rigors of business use.  This class of PC commands a greater warranty cycle (usually five years) and the manufacturer supports updates to the PC for a much greater length of time than those PCs that are marketed primarily for home-use.

Current models for PCs, laptops and printers are as follows:

Desktop PC
Dell OptiPlex line, with Intel Dual-Core Processor and 4gb (minimum) memory

Dell Latitude line, with Intel Dual-Core Processor and 4gb (minimum) memory

Generally, HP LaserJet printers with a high monthly duty-cycle

All other technology purchases are investigated on a case-by-case basis.