Do you walk away from your computer and leave sensitive information displayed on your monitor? Do you leave confidential or sensitive documents on your desk in plain view? Do you leave file cabinets containing this kind of information unlocked? Are sensitive documents locked away after business hours?

The physical security of computing resources (computers, equipment, files, etc.) is actually the first principle of good security.  By instituting a few simple safeguards, we can greatly limit security breaches and other unauthorized access to our computing resources.

Here are a few helpful hints to safeguard the physical security of data:

  • Log out or lock your screen every time you leave your computer.
  • Close and lock your office door every time you leave.
  • Don't leave your office keys in easily accessible locations – secure them.
  • Restrict the number of keys to your office, if at all possible.
  • Know who accesses your office. (It may be necessary to maintain an attendance log for high security areas.)
  • Use a screen-saver, and one that requires a password to get back into your computer after the screen saver activates.
  • Report suspicious looking persons or activity to the SCC Department of Public Safety.