IT Security – SCC Network Computing

Information Security Basics

We deal with confidential and/or sensitive information on a daily basis. This information might include passwords, user IDs, Social Security numbers, performance reviews, student grades, FERPA-protected information, confidential memos, medical information, credit card numbers, bids, budgetary/financial information and other important data.

How do we protect this information?

We all need to follow the SCC guidelines and security policies!

Here are some basic Security Guidelines/Policies that help safeguard the information.

Alerts and Tips      

  • Lock your computer when you are away from your work place by (Ctrl-Alt-Delete /Enter).
  • When you print sensitive/confidential data, do not leave it sitting on the printer, pick it up immediately.
  • Never use your business e-mail address for posting entries and answers in forums and surveys.  Use a separate e-mail address for that. This way we can reduce the SPAM sent to our business.
  • Use different passwords for work related, personal and financial data.
  • Never check “Remember my password” boxes.