SCC Campus Network

St. Charles Community College maintains a computer network and connections to the Internet, as a service to administrators, faculty, staff and students of the college community.  The college's network consists of a campus-wide backbone network, local area networks, and personal desktop computers.  After filling out a Network Connection Application, you will be assigned a username and temporary password.  You are thereafter responsible for the security of your username and password.

SCC Network Accounts

An Individual Network Account Provides:

* Access to SCC Intranet.

* File Storage.

* E-mail account.

* Computer logon for workstations.

After receiving your Network Account, review the Board Policies concerning computer use at St. Charles Community College. Items located on the SCC Intranet require an SCC Username and password to access information.

  • Application for Network Connection – Items located on the SCC Intranet require a SCC Username and Password.

Get Help Now 

The SCC Help Desk is available to answer questions or enter work tickets for technical support.  You can either use the link below or call 636-922-8555 for assistance.

  • The SCC Help Desk is available for all students, faculty or staff who need technical assistance.