Welcome to the St. Charles Community College Network Computing website. The Network Computing Department staff provides a campus-wide networking strategy, and advances that strategy by implementing proven technologies that deliver a reliable, high bandwidth, state-of-the-art networking infrastructure. Included in this mission is the ongoing management of the network infrastructure, and through proactive monitoring, we provide high reliability to our users.

We are in fact ONE TEAM with seven distinct service functions: Network Operations, Database Management, Information Security, Learning Management System, Internet Services, SCC Help Desk and PC Operations. Working with our technology service partners throughout the college's academic and administrative units, we support and address the college's computing and telecommunications needs.

Student Information Technology FAQs

Contact Info

  • Timothy Davison
    Network Operations Manager
    ADM 1604

  • John Hallvax II
    Infrastructure Cable Technician
    ADM 1604

  • Wayne Hartmann
    Network Administrator
    ADM 1604

  • Matthew Jacobs
    Desktop/Applications Administrator
    ADM 1604

  • Ryan Mathias
    Internet/Telephone Systems Administrator
    ADM 1604

  • Phillip Pender
    Database Administrator
    ADM 1604

  • James Snyder
    Security Systems Architect
    ADM 1604

  • Henry Versemann
    Web/Portal Developer
    ADM 1604

  • Jason Winterowd
    Systems Administrator-Network Computing
    ADM 1604

  • Benjamin Woods
    System's Architect
    ADM 1604