Joyce Lindstrom

“When my students are successful, I’m successful. I think ‘yes!’ we did it together.” – Joyce Lindstrom

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Faculty and Staff

At SCC, we value mutual trust and respect, and encourage open communication within the college community. Check out any of our Publications, including the The SCCoop and the monthly President's Report to the Board of Trustees for information on your fellow employees and what’s happening on campus.

Teamwork and cooperation are important values at SCC, and we use our abilities and knowledge to help one another succeed, asking for help when needed. On this page, there are links to College Departments and Services offered on campus, so you can find the answers you need to do your job effectively. Tools, such as the college catalog, the library and SCC Connection are just a click away to help your fellow employees and SCC students.

SCC also values the well-being of its employees. Under Employment and Benefits, employees have access to information about new employment opportunitiesbenefits information, child care and fitness center.

Whether you need to know what’s happening on campus, what your colleagues are up to, information about a department or service or to learn more about college policies, this is the place for you.