Suggested Websites

Helpful Pages/Links for Political Science Classes

Possible Careers in Political Science

Various Media and Political Websites

US Foreign Policy Links      --includes articles on 9/11

Mideast Peace Links

Iraq and the Axis of Evil

Global Studies Links

International Links

Interesting Video Clips


Useful Sites for American Government Students

Go here to take a practice US Citizenship test

Campaign and Party Websites

2013 Quiz to see which political party you best fit with

Ideology Quiz     -- Take a quiz to see where you fit in the ideological spectrum

Important Civil LIberties issues     --ACLU Website containing info on numerous issues

USA Patriot Act     --Clarence Page discusses the impact of the USA Patriot Act

Shaw v Reno information

Race and incarceration    --Human Rights Watch study

Bush v Gore     -- ABCnews discussion of the ruling

The Federalist Papers    -- A discussion of the Federalist Papers & the US government

The Federalist Papers     --another site on the Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers     --an easier-to-read version (with slight changes in the grammar)

Federalists vs AntiFederalists     --a brief but good summary of key differences

Innocent or Guilty?    --A Frontline Discussion

Confessed Rapist is set free    --NY Times article on Eddie Joe Lloyd

Voucher Ruling     --Christian Science Monitor article

Textbook bias       --CSM article --textbooks as an 'agent' of political socialization

Remembering Jim Crow      --American Radioworks remembers Jim Crow laws

Segregation in US Schools      --The Guardian newspaper's discussion of segregation in US Schools

UNC assignment: the Koran      --BBC news article on the assignment of a book about the Koran

NASA Budget Cuts     --NY Times articles on budget cuts to NASA's safety programs

Other Interesting Sites  

View the world from space    --note the areas that have the highest population density

Value of Education      --The Census bureau examines the monetary benefits of education      --Census bureau offers demographic information about the US     --Southern Poverty Law Center; monitors hate-crimes       --Social Security Administration site      --Children's Defense Fund     --National Debt Clock; running account of the US debt