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Am_Dem_Now 3e cover

Textbook :

Harrison & Harris: American Democracy Now 4th Edition. 

You can also rent an online text hereView in a new window

You do not need "Connect," but it is a useful study aid. Be sure to take the practice quizzes at the end of each chapter in the text.

Note: there may be a paperback "Create" version of the text (with a different cover) at the bookstore for lower cost -- contact the bookstore for more info


Study guides

          • please be sure to check the study guide before taking the quiz on the topic
          • also don't forget to review the practice quizzes at the end of each chapter

Review Questions (study guide) for Chapter 1-6 & 10 & 11 (up to the Midterm)

Review Questions (study guide) for all other chapters



--go here for Minilectures (using "flash") on most topics.

The Orientation Lecture (mini-lecture) can be found on my Mini-lectures page

        • This mini-lecture will walk you through logging on to Canvas, my syllabus and introduce the class


Canvas is the learning management software for the course (formerly Moodle); you MUST use this to take your quizzes and submit your assignments

contact the Helpdesk (636-922-8555) if you have trouble with Canvas or for  any other technological problem

Roesler's blog page is : http://paulroesler.tumblr.com/

Distance learning page -- important info (meeting times & locations...)

Extra Credit

How to Get an A in this class

Meeting Times & Rooms can be found at the Distance Learning Homepage

  • Check the website a day or two before the meetings to make sure there are no changes

For help with citations and bibliography, follow this link.