Mini Lectures

Some of these Lectures may take a minute or two to start playing.

On some (but not all) slides, you’ll see (or hear) an explanation of the slide.  When the audio/video is finished, you may need to left-click to get to the next slide.  Some clips have partial transcripts in the "notes" section.

Please avoid getting too far ahead.  I sometimes update these lectures a week or two before the quiz due dates.


Orientation -- Intro to the class & Review of syllabus

Intro to Politics:  for Chapter 1 (note: also watch the Ideologies lecture for the ch1 quiz)

Models of Ideology    --also watch for the ch. 1 quiz

The Constitution --- Lecture over Chapter 2 & the Federalist papers

Federalism: --  Chapter 3

Civil Liberties ---- Ch4

Civil Rights         -- chapter 5 

Political Socialization

Ch. 6: Political Socialization, Part 1

ch10 & 11: The Media, Politics & Technology- -- Socialization part 2 

Interest Groups -- "Who Rules?"  -- chapter 7

Political Parties    -- ch 8

Campaigns, Elections and Money - ch9

Campaigns & Elections, part 1

Campaigns part 2: Money & the Media

Congress -- ch12 (updated 10/29/2013)

Presidency -- chapter 13 (updated 11/12/2013)

Bureaucracy lecture --ch14 --  NEW!!  added 11/7/13

Foreign Policy --ch18: NEW! updated 11/8/2013

The US Court System   --ch. 15 -- Updated Nov 2013

Domestic Policy -- covers both chapters 16 & 17: updated Nov 2013