Websites on Middle East Peace

For an excellent discussion of the the history and the 2000 Camp David negotiations, read:

Jerome Slater : What Went Wrong: The Collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. The Political Science Quartlerly, Volume 116; 2002.


Information on the various peace plans

Frontline Analysis of Peace Process

The Geneva Accord    --The unofficial peace plan drafted in the fall of 2003
                                    Summary of the Geneva Accord

The 'Road Map' to Peace?    --BBC News takes a look at the US-backed "Road Map" (proposed 2002)

The Taba Negotiations    --Foundation for Middle East Peace examines the Taba proposals (maps)

EU analysis of the Taba talks    --Ha'aretz newspaper (Israeli paper)

The Saudi Peace Plan    --BBC News discusses the Saudi Peace Proposal

The Failure of Oslo    --Various articles on the failure of the Oslo peace process


Issues and problems in the Israel-Palestinian Peace Process

The wall & the peace process    --CS Monitor explores the new wall & how it affects the peace process

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict    --PBS' Frontline Discussion

The War over Words        --Christian Science Monitor Article on the 'Road Map'

Palestinian Humanitarian Crisis    --BBC News (UK) report on the human rights crisis for Palestinians

Analysis from Jimmy Carter    -- NY Times Op-Ed piece on 4/21/02, discussing US options for engagement

Seeds of Peace    --Organization devoted to bridge the gap between Palestinians & Jews
                             --Also see the CSMonitor article on the organization

Prophet of Hope      --England's chief Rabbi discusses how to avoid a Clash of Civilizations

Defining Terrorism    --The Christian Science Monitor tries to define this loaded word
                                  -go here to see their entire discussion on terrorism

History of Israel-Palestinian Conflict    --NPR series on the conflict

The Right of Return Issue    --BBC News story: Can Palestinians return to their former homes?


For a more biased view of the issues, try out....

Anti-Defamation League    --Group devoted to stamping out anti-semitism

Palestinian Liberation Organization    --Group seeking a Palestinian state in the occupied territories