Articles on the Iraq Crisis & the Axis of Evil

Post-War issues

NPR explores the relationship between the Middle East and the West

New Curbs on Women's Rights   -- CS Monitor looks at the treatment of women in post-Saddam Iraq

US War a "strategic error" -- US War college explores the war

CS Monitor explores Kurds in post-war Iraq

Christians in Iraq -- BBC takes a look at the history of Christians in Iraq and problems they now face

It takes a following to make an Ayatollah -- Washington Post, 8/15/2004

What Went Wrong at Abu Ghraib?-- CSMonitor, 6/10/2004

Arab Anger Limits US...                    --CSM article discussing our options in Iraq

Israel Warns of 'Earthquake'               --Israel warns that the war will have wider implications

New US Imperialism?                      --The Guardian, a liberal British paper, discusses the rationale of invasion

Is this a war against Islam?                --Italian Prime Minister argues that "the West will conquer other peoples"

Islam is not an evil culture                --Austrailian Broadcasting Corporation refutes Berlusconi's remarks<

US Unilateralism --CS Monitor discusses President Bush's approach to foreign policy and the ICC


Before the War

General Zinni criticizes NeoConservative approach to Iraq -- CBS News

Planning for attack on Iraq began hours after the 9/11 attacks --CBNews article quotes Rumsfeld aides

Arabs asked the US not to invade Iraq -- CBSnews articles & video clip

CS Monitor looks at NeoConservatives -- be sure to read the "remarks from leading figures"

Disinformation from US & UK         --NY Times article 2/8/2003 highlighting US Policy

Blair Claims Dossier is accurate       --BBC News reports that British lawmakers are upset with the 'dossier'

UNMOVIC homepage                     --United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission site

In War, Some Facts less Factual   --CSM discusses problems of faulty information

Evidence Linking Iraq & Bin Laden    --BBC News investigates the evidence for such a link

Pros & Cons of Invading Iraq           --Christian Science Monitor; Another discussion at 

The Risks of War with Iraq              --Pentagon discusses some of the risks of invading Iraq

How much would the war cost?        --BBC News invastigates the potential costs & who will bear them

The Elusive Case for War                --CSM article on a possible US attack against Iraq

Europeans Opposed to War            --Many Germans think Americans are 'warmongers' 

Pope condemns the war                     --John Paul argues that war would be a "defeat for humanity" 

US Rifts Widen over Iraq                 --The Guardian discusses policy disputes among the Bush family


Other Axis of Evil Issues

US Policy Towards North Korea   --The Nation discusses past & present US policy towards N. Korea

North Korea's Missle Program         --BBC News discussion of the North's capabilities

North Korea threatens to kill treaty   --NY Times article on the heightened tensions

North Korean violations                  -- BBC News discussion of US & World responses to North Korean violations

North and South Korea                   --Foreign Policy In Focus analysis of North/South relations

Iran develops its nuclear program    --BBC News report on US anger at Iran's nuclear program

Who has Nuclear Weapons?           --What countries have them (left off the list: Israel, North Korea, Pakistan & India)