US Foreign Policy Websites

World Summit HomePage    --Homepage for 2002 Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development

Article on World Summit          --CSM article on the US approach to the Summit


Discussion of US Policy After 9/11/01

Resignation Letter of US Diplomat --This letter illustrates many people's concerns with current US policy

What Went Wrong?                     --Newsweek discussion of 9/11 

Causes of 9/11                           --US Council on Foreign Relations discusses terrorism 

Is America the "Good Guy"?  --discussion of anti-American sentiment around the world

Will the West Conquer Islam?        --Italian Prime Minister argues that "the West will conquer other peoples"

Islam is not an evil culture                --Australian Broadcasting Corporation refutes Berlusconi's remarks

September 11, 1973                    --Guardian article on the value of Chilean lives lost to the US-backed coup

In War, Some Facts less Factual     --CSM discusses problems of faulty information

The New Cold War?                 --Analysis of the problems we face since 9/11 by Michael Roskin

US Responses to 9/11              --US Council on Foreign Relations addresses this, as well as US policies

The Elusive Case for War        --CSM article on a possible US attack against Iraq

New US Imperialism?                --The Guardian, a liberal British paper, discusses the rationale of invasion

Democracy & the Middle East     --CSM article on US push towards democracy

7/17/02 Report                            --7/19/02 St. Louis Post Dispatch article on a Congressional Report of 9/11

US Unilateralism                         --Christian Science Monitor article discussing unilateralism & cooperation 

Clash of Civilizations                  --Christian Science Monitor discusses Islam and Christianity

Prophet of Hope                        --England's chief Rabbi discusses how to avoid a Clash of Civilizations

Wilson's 14 Points                      --Excerpts from his 1918 speech