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Political Science concentrators develop both general and technical skills applicable to a wide range of careers. For example, research and communication skills may be equally useful whether working as an international lawyer, a political lobbyist, or a freelance journalist.

Many concentrators go on to graduate or professional school. The list below is a sample of careers undertaken by Political Science graduates.

Planning and Development Skills

City manager open book icon
Urban policy planner open book icon
Public health administrator open book icon
Development director
Event coordinator / activity planner
Peace Corps volunteer coordinator

Research / Quantitative Skills

Staff assistant, political office
Legislative aide
Legal investigator open book icon
Canvass director
Direct mail specialist
Advertising account manager
Systems analyst open book icon

Analytical Skills

International lawyer open book icon
Environmental lawyer open book icon green leaf icon
Geographer open book icon green leaf icon
Public opinion analyst
News analyst
Regulatory analyst
Public affairs officer
Foreign service officer
Multinational marketing research analyst open book icon

Communication Skills

Corrections / parole officer
Publications director
Issues director
Teacher, K-12
College instructor open book icon
Press agent
Editorial assistant
Public relations specialist
Public affairs reporter

green leaf icon = Green Jobs
open book icon = Further Study Required

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