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Syllabus-- spring 2012


Take Home Essays for the Exams & other assignment info


Study Guides (will be updated throughout the semester)

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3

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Extra Credit options

Take the practice/knowledge quiz (on Moodle) the first week of the semester

this DOES NOT count towards the 10 points maximum -- this is a bonus extra credit assignment.

2. Attend ONE of the following on-campus lectures (or film)

& write a short summary of the discussion including one or two things you learned or found interesting in the presentations: (1/2 - 1 typed page)  -- you may do two of these for up to 5 points each

  • Film: Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Isanbul    Wednesday, March 21st at 7 p.m in SSB Auditorium

3. State of the Union-- Due by 2/6/2011

Watch the 2012 State of the Union speech and discuss the foreign policy section of the speech. What did Obama discuss that related to this classs and what was your reaction to it. Was there anything that surprised you?

4. Health Care Reform

**Due by the last week of classes*** View Roesler's discussion of the 2010 Health Care Reform Bill (found on Roesler's Homepage) and list (based on the discussion) the following:

  • one reason why supporters want health care reform
  • one thing that is NOT in the bill
  • one thing that happens in 2010
  • one thing that happens in 2014 and
  • one tool used to pay for the plan

--you may do up to 2 of these for a maximum of 10 points

There is also an extra credit Knowledge Quiz available on Moodle (which we'll go over in the first week of class) which does NOT count towards the 10 points maximum -- However, is MUST be taken within one week of reviewing it in class

5. UMSL : Wednesday, February 22  --   Dr. Amaney Jamal

Of Empires and Citizens: Pro-American Democracy or No Democracy at All?

featuring Professor Amaney Jamal, Princeton University; 7:30 p.m., Century Room A, Millennium Student Center

6. Read this Robert Gatter article on Health Insurance and this NY TImes article on the the Commerce Clause. 

  • Explain the ruling of the 11th Circuit Court of appeals (including their rationale).  How does this case compare to the Filburn case of 1942?   Explain Gatter's perspective on whether the uninsured drive up the cost of health care for those with insurance.  Do you agree that an "uninsured individual who forgoes care does not affect insurance and medical care markets?"   (about 250 words)

More extra credit options may be available later in the semester


Useful Links

US Foreign Policy Links  --includes articles on 9/11

Mideast Peace Links

Iraq & the Axis of Evil


Interesting Articles: 

Read this exerpt from President G.H.W. Bush's book on why NOT to go to war with Iraq

Clash of Civilizations  --Christian Science Monitor discusses Islam and Christianity 

Prophet of Hope     --England's chief Rabbi discusses how to avoid a Clash of Civilizations   

What is Terrorism?  -- Do the "You Decide" exercise, looking at all 5 scenarios

Democracy in The Mideast -- CS Monitor

The US & Israel -- CS Monitor gives a history of US involvement in that conflict

UN Resolution 242:   Jewish Virtual Library  & MidEast Web

Israel's Wall :  CNN & CS Monitor discuss the implications


Video Clips

Bush, Religion & Foreign Policy

ABC's Interview with soldiers after the attack on Bob Woodruff

Lawrence of Arabia clip -- Also, check out PBS' websites on Islam: Empire of Faith and Lawrence of Arabia

Chomsky on Colonial violence