How to get an A in this class

  • read the book
    • believe it or not, the textbook is more than just a good sleepaid
    • I cannot cover everything important in class, so you need to do your outside reading
  • show up
    • my lectures cover topics sometimes not discussed in the text
    take the practice quizzes
    • many of my "real" quiz questions come from the practice quizzes
    • many of my midterm and final exam questions come from the quizzes
  • study
    • at least read the study guide questions before reading the chapters to give you something to think about
  • do extra credit
    • every semester, there are at least a handful of students who would have gotten higher grades had they bothered to do their maximum extra credit
  • ask questions
    • the only dumb questions are the ones you were too afraid to ask
    • if you are shy, ask me after class, but please let me know if you don't "get" something
  • ask for help
    • I haven't bitten a student in years, so please come by, email or call if you need help (922-8265)
  • Put effort into this class!
    • this class is a lot of work, but is not that hard if you put in the effort
    • furthermore, if you are close to a higher grade and you clearly demonstrated effort, I may bump up your grade
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