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Kevin Patton Ph.D.

Hi there! I'm Kevin Patton and this is my faculty web page.

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Use the menu in the left margin  to navigate to my web pages, many of which are located at other websites:

♦ Students please go to the Lion Den links.
♦ Faculty please go to the Seminar and The A&P Professor links.
♦ Troublemakers please go to the Complaint Dept.

Dr. Kevin Patton Ph.D., Professor of Life Science, is a founding faculty member in his third decade at St. Charles Community College. In 2013, Kevin was appointed Emeritus Faculty and continues to serve the SCC community on a part-time basis.


WARNING: The surgeon general (of an unnamed country) has determined that the viewing of any of Kevin Patton's web pages may have permanent mind-altering effects and may be psychologically or emotionally addictive.



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