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CPT-115 Introduction to Data Processing


Welcome to the St Charles Community College Introduction to Data Processing class (CPT-115). When you first log in, open the Orientation found on the Course menu. Review it and send me an email stating you have completed it. Also review the Syllabus and Class Schedule. If you have problems of any kind please email me stating the problem. There are three steps to completing your weekly assignments, they are listed below and are found in the Course Menu. These are:

                Step 1. Chapter Review
                Step 2. Complete Chapter Exam
                Step 3. Complete Lab Assignment

Complete the Visual Basic and HTML Projects sometime during the course. They are to be completed before taking the Final Exam.

The syllabus gives you important information on the course. The class schedule gives you important dates related to the course, it shows you when the assignments begin and when they should be completed.

Chapter Exams
Keep in mind that you may turn in your homework at any time (during that week or later) and you may take the Chapter Exams as often as you like keeping your highest grade. If you score 92% or better you will receive a grade of 100%  upon my review of your exam.  Please keep to this schedule as close as possible. There are two absolute dates (shown in the syllabus and class schedule); the Midterm and the Final. Requirements (see
Midterm and Final Exams below) for each have to be met before taking them.

Lab Assignments
There are ten lab assignments. These labs are video presentations on the various topics listed in the lab menu. Select "Student Labs" on the course menu to bring up the list of labs.  Select one of these labs and then click on the first item in the list. Once a lab opens, it will begin to play.  Click on Pause ( pause| )to pause the presentation .
Select the STOP ( square ) to stop the video to restart. A bar will move to the right until a section is complete.  Press PLAY ( play ) to continue.  There is a volume control to the lower far right.  Select Lab Help to receive further instructions on how to use the labs.

Midterm and Final Exams
The midterm can be taken on the completion of chapters 2 through 8, five lab assignments, and the midterm review. It must be completed before the date shown in the syllabus. The review can be taken as often as you like.  After completing the rest of your assignments, the three Visual Basic Exams, and your two projects (Visual Basic and HTML) you can take the final review. The Final must be taken by the date shown in the syllabus unless you have extenuating circumstances, and then you can make other arrangements with me.

Visual Basic Project
This is separate from the course book but required by the state. There are presentations that cover the main topics of your project and will prepare you for the three Visual Basic Chapter Exams. Please review the Visual Basic Orientation for more details. The project is to be completed before taking the Final exam.  I very strongly suggest that you begin the project as soon as possible so that if you have any problems, I will be able to help you.  The project should be attached to an email to me when you complete it.  If you have problems send the project to me and I will return it with my comments. There is a presentation on "How to Fix Errors", make sure you check this out before contacting me. If you do not have the Microsoft Office Suite please contact me so that we can make other arrangements. There are several other options including downloading and using Visual Basic Express 2010.

HTML Project
An HTML (Web Page Project) is also a requirement. There is a Starter project that you can download from my Course Menu Download page and instructions on how to set up and design your Web Page files. Review the HTML Orientation for details. There is also a series of video files in the Help section.

Attendance Verification
Attendance Verification is accomplished by completing the chapter exams. You must complete the first chapter exam within two weeks of the first day of class to receive verification of attendance.  It is important for you to begin as soon as possible.

Please check out the "HELP" in each section on the course menu. It has some useful information. ALL presentations use the arrow keys to move forward and back. The space bar can also be used to move forward. Video presentations have a slider bar at the bottom of the screen to move back or forward as well as a pause button. These Video presentations and the Lab Assignments contain audio so please make sure your Sound is turned on.

Charles Wood, Instructor