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Occupational Therapy Assistant Selection Process & Confirming Admission

Student applications will be processed after the following are completed and verified:

  1. Assessment test completed;
  2. Any required developmental courses taken and passed (ENG 095, 096; MAT 095, 096) or transcripts on file for college level courses.

Student selection process:

Program criteria differ from general criteria for admission.  The Occupational Therapy Assistant program requires GPA, taking of ACT and completion of specific course work prior to acceptance.  By setting specific standards for the OTA program, the probability of student success will be higher. 

All prospective students seeking admission to the OTA program must follow the same college application procedure  as outlined in the OTA Curriculum Guide.  Students are not discriminated against on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, or national origin by either SCC or the OTA program.  Students begin their application process through a counselor who advises and guides them through the process.  Faculty do not meet individual students until fall semester orientation, held in the summer, preceding the start of the fall class. 

Criteria for admission to the OTA program were established by the OTA program coordinator in collaboration with the director of admissions, and reviewed by the OTA Program Advisory committee, the Dean of Nursing & Allied Health, and the Vice President for Instruction. 

Students will be considered as active applicants only if they maintain contact with the career counselor at least annually. Students who do not maintain contact or who cannot be reached by the address or telephone number on record at the college, will be dropped from the applicant file. 

Office Info

Office Hours

7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Hours may vary during summer – please call to confirm.

Office Location

Administration Building, Room 1442

Office Phone Number


Office Coordinator

Denise L Lammers

Program Contact

Francesca (Francie) Woods