ACT Placement

A subscore of 23 in the math portion of the ACT will place a student into College Algebra.  The ACT is not used to place a student into any other level of mathematics at SCC.

A score lower than 23 in the math portion of the ACT will require a student to take the placement exam at SCC.

In order to place into a higher-level math course than College Algebra, a student will need to take the placement exam or provide a transfer credit with a passing grade in the prerequisite course.

There is no charge for the placement exam.

Office Info

Office Hours

8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

Office Location

Administration Building, Room 2242

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Office Coordinator

Phyllis Marchand

Program Contact

Transfer Math Dept.

Joseph (Joe) W. Howe, dept. chair

Developmental Math Dept.

Callie J. Daniels, dept. chair