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Math Placement Exam

The math placement exam is used to place students into the math course that corresponds to their current math skill level.  All entering freshmen and transfer students who have not yet obtained either a 23 subscore on the math portion of the ACT or a grade of "C" or better in a transfer math course are required to take this placement exam.

There is no charge to take the placement exam.

A subscore of 23 in the math portion of the ACT will place a student into College Algebra.  The ACT is not used to place a student into any other level of Mathematics at SCC.

An ACT product called Compass is used as our placement tool. On this placement exam, the on-screen calculator may be used.  However, knowledge of basic mathematical concepts including computation with fractions, decimals, and signed numbers is still a necessary pre-requisite skill.  We recommend that all high school students continually review basic computation skills and take math their senior year in order to maintain and retain their math skills prior to entering college.  The following Web sites provide practice exercises for preparing for our Compass placement exam.  Try working these exercises without using your calculator.

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