Frequently Asked Questions


What is an open-entry class/when do classes start?

An open-entry class does not have a set start and end date, but runs on a rotating cycle. The CNA Program runs year-round so students can register for the CNA class and usually start within three weeks of registration. We do not take registrations more than four weeks before a student is ready to start class.

How long is the CNA Program?

The CNA Program consists of the classroom portion, the clinical internship and the final exam. Most students average about five months to complete the entire program.

How many hours of classroom and clinical are required for the CNA Program?

The state of Missouri requires a minimum of 75 hours of classroom attendance and a minimum of 100 hours of clinical or on-the-job training to complete the Certified Nurse Assistant Program. The student must score at least 80 percent or higher on all tests during the classroom portion.

How long does a student have to complete the CNA program?

The classroom hours must be completed within 14 scheduled weeks from the first week of class for a 12-week program and within nine weeks for the eight-week program. If a student has not completed the 75 hours within that time frame they will be required to re-enroll and additional tuition will be due at that time.

What happens if a student is absent or tardy for class?

Attendance in class each scheduled week is expected; however, the instructors understand that emergencies can arise. Students are expected to call-in and leave a message for the instructor if an absence is unavoidable. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness will result in disciplinary action and/or removal from the class.

Do regular work hours count towards the 100 required clinical or on-the-job hours?

If a student is employed in a Missouri licensed skilled or intermediate care facility that has training agency status, and the facility agrees to provide the experience, all 100 hours can be done at the student's place of employment. Work hours in an acute care (hospital) setting are NOT accepted by the state for this program.

When can a student start the clinical or on-the-job training portion of the CNA Program?

A student is eligible to apply for the clinical internship through St. Charles Community College after they have attended at least 50 percent of their classroom hours. At that time the student will complete a clinical internship application, sign up for a clinical orientation date, choose a block schedule and register and pay for the course. The student will be placed at an outside facility to complete these clinical hours.
Students who are already employed in a licensed facility with training agency status may opt to complete their clinical hours at their employing facility. Students who choose this option do not need to register for SCC’s clinical internship.


When should a student take the State CNA Final Exam?

Students must be registered for the final exam within three months of completing the classroom portion of the CNA Program. Both the classroom and the clinical portion of the course must be completed and the appropriate paperwork submitted in order to register for the exam. When the student has completed these course requirements and submitted their documents to the school, their final exam will be scheduled. Final exams are scheduled approximately four to six weeks after the student registers.

What happens if a student fails the final exam?

A CNA student may take the State Final Exam up to three times within 90 days of the first test date. There is a fee for administering the exam each time it is given.

When can a student challenge the State CNA final exam?

The state of Missouri has very specific guidelines for allowing an individual to bypass the class and challenge the final exam. Students must contact the Department of Health and Senior Services directly at 573-526-5686 in order to receive a permission to challenge letter. This letter, along with a negative 2-step TB test and an acceptable background screening from the Family Care Safety Registry are required in order to register for the exam. Challenge exams are scheduled approximately four to six weeks after the student registers.

General FAQs

Is a career in health care right for me?

Trying to determine whether or not a medical career is the right choice for you can be a major decision, and it is one that should be made before entering any kind of healthcare education or training. Students who are interested in the healthcare field but have not decided on which program they wish to pursue should speak with a career counselor in ADM 1204.

How do I find the schedule and tuition/fees for classes?

Students can access schedule and tuition information in the Health Occupations section of the St. Charles Community College website at:

How can I register for a Health Occupations Program?

Registrations are processed in the Health Occupations main office from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. The address is #1 Academy Place, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368. Some programs allow faxed/mailed-in registrations (see individual class pages for specific requirements). The Health Occupations office does not accept telephone registrations.

Is financial aid available for Health Occupations Programs?

SCC Health Occupations programs are NOT eligible for financial aid. All tuition/fees are due at time of registration and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Cash, check, money orders or credit/debit cards (excluding American Express) are accepted for tuition and fees.

Does SCC provide job placement services upon completion of a Health Occupations program?

SCC does not provide job placement services. Occasionally job opportunities are posted in NAH 130 and NAH 132 as well as in ADM 1204. Job search assistance is also available on the Career Services Center Web page.

What happens if a student is absent or tardy for class?

Attendance in class each scheduled week is expected; however, the instructors understand that emergencies can arise. Students are expected to call in and leave a message for the instructor if an absence is unavoidable. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness may result in disciplinary action or removal from class.

What is the refund policy for Health Occupations classes?

Health occupations programs are non-refundable and non-transferable. Because these programs are self-supporting, the decision to run a class is based on the number of students enrolled. The college reserves the right to cancel a class if sufficient enrollment is not achieved. Full refunds will be issued to students for classes cancelled by the college.

Are there prerequisites or other requirements for admission to Health Occupations programs?

The admission requirements vary from program to program. General admission requirements include a minimum age of 17, the ability to communicate effectively in English, the ability to read at the eighth grade level and perform basic math at the seventh grade level. Please refer to individual course descriptions for any additional requirements.


What is a 2-step TB test?

St. Charles Community College requires some students to provide proof they are free from tuberculosis by completing a 2-step TB Test*. This test can be done at any qualified facility – doctor’s office, urgent care center, clinic, county health department, etc.

First step:
TB test is administered and the individual returns to the facility after 48-72 hours to have it read and receive results of the test in writing.

Second step:
Person returns to qualified facility within one month of first TB test to have the entire procedure completed a second time (most facilities require students wait one week between tests).

SCC requires copies of BOTH test results in order to fulfill the TB test requirements.

*Students who test positive for TB or who have a reaction to the TB test may have a chest x-ray done and submit a copy of the doctor’s findings indicating that they are free from any active TB.

What is the Family Care Safety Registry?

The Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) is the background screening required by the St. Charles Community College Health Occupations program for any students taking a class with a clinical component.

Students must register with the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) and provide a copy of an acceptable background screening dated within 90 days of the start of class. Online registration is available at The results of the FCSR screening will be mailed to you.

Please note: The name the FCSR screening MUST match the name on the students registration form.

For additional information regarding the registry or your status on the registry, call their toll-free number: 866-422-6872 (8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday CST).

What is the difference between a “credit” and a “non-credit” or certificate class?

St. Charles Community College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Courses taken for “credit” at SCC will be accepted in transfer by other colleges, provided they are appropriate to the degree sought. "Non-credit" or certificate classes will not show up on a transcript and are not usually accepted for transfer by other institutions.

How are clinical hours assigned for classes with a clinical component?

Clinical assignments are handled differently for each program. Please refer to your specific program information for details regarding clinical assignments.

What do I do if I still have questions after reviewing all of the information provided?

Students who need additional clarification regarding health occupations classes offered by St. Charles Community College can call the Health Occupations office at 636-922-8295 or can submit their questions via email to PLEASE NOTE: THE MEMBERS OF THE OFFICE STAFF IN NAH 102 ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO PROVIDE ACADEMIC OR CAREER COUNSELING TO STUDENTS.

Students who have questions about Missouri certifications can visit the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) website at

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