Medical Transcription (MTRN 100)

This AHDI approved online course is a fully integrated, comprehensive, stand-alone study program in medical transcription designed specifically to train individuals for entry-level employment as medical transcriptionists.

The content is available for one calendar year from the date of activation and can be completed by the average student in 12-15 hours/week.

The course is offered in an online format utilizing the Internet to provide students with practical experience on the computer and keyboard while learning medical transcription. It integrates the content into an interactive learning experience which includes automatic grading, on-demand pronunciation of medical terminology, live virtual interaction with other students and instructors, electronic tracking of time and grades, and the use of WAV sound files for practice transcription. The transcription foot pedal for the course is provided.

The course is Internet based with all content online with the exception of select reference materials.

Upon completion of the program the student is eligible to take a National Certification Exam. National certification is issued by third-party organizations and industry governing bodies; costs are not included with the program.

The Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) certification is used by The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). the exam is administered at Kryterian testing centers. Information regarding this certification is available at

Additional information on this program can be found at

Course Requirements

  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP) and active e-mail account are required for utilization of the online course. The choice of provider and expense are the responsibility of the student.
  • A personal computer (PC), and WAVPlayer software for transcribing medical reports by means of the computer are required for the program.
  • A headset (not included) is strongly recommended for clarity of sound.
  • Basic keyboarding skills.

Subjects covered include

  • Introduction to Medical Transcription
  • Medical Terminology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Disease Processes
  • Applications and Pronunciations
  • Medical Specialties and Editing
  • Beginning Transcription
  • Intermediate Transcription
  • Advanced Transcription
  • Shortcuts and Efficiencies

Note: All coursework must be completed within 12 months of registration. The online course is an integrated curriculum designed for use as a one-year independent study program and fits easily into an academic year.  Students should anticipate spending 10-15 hours per week on the curriculum to complete the program within 12 months.

Tuition and Schedule

Fees for this course are non-refundable.

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