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Health Information Management Success Stories

Amber Bollinger, BA, RHIT

Director of Health Information Management
Class of 2015

I attended SCC in 1993 in order to fulfill my general education requirements for my BA, little did I know that I would return 20 years later to get my AS in HIM. I could not be happier with my experiences at SCC. I trusted SCC and the HIM program to educate and provide me with the necessary resources to start a new career at 41 years old. I contribute my success to not only SCC, but the program director who is dedicated to her students and remains connected in the HIM field. Thanks to her and my education, I am graduating with my RHIT credential and beginning my career as the HIM Director at a skilled nursing facility.

Miranda Keeven


Prior to entering the Health Information Technology program at Saint Charles Community College I was unsure which direction I wanted to take in the health field. After my first initial meeting with the Administrator I knew that the HIT program was the place for me. With the guidance offered throughout the program it was a very enjoyable experience. Upon attending my practicum at Missouri Baptist Medical Center I was finally hired on after 6 months as a HIM Rep. With all of the training offered I am sure I will soon be able to obtain my goal in management. I truly enjoy what I do, and being in this field of study has changed my life as well as opened up many doors for my future.

Amy Veit

Physician Practice Office Manager
Class of 2015

As a returning student, I believe what makes the HIM program a great choice is the program’s ability to meet a variety of needs, from first time college students to learners who are looking for a career change. The flexibility of being able to combine both on-line classes and instructor led classes gave me the chance to work while pursuing my educational goals. Through the practicum experiences, I was able to take the knowledge learned in classroom and apply it to the “real world”. I know these connections and experiences gained me my first health information management job, an office manager in a physician practice.

Elizabeth Brusca, RHIT

Medical Record Technician
Class of 2014

Being a 44 year-old newly-widowed mom of two, the St. Charles Community College Health Information Technology program provided me with the education and skills I needed to obtain my RHIT certification and to subsequently enter the HIT field. I had been a stay-home mom for 16 years before entering the program and needed a solid degree that could provide me with the security and income to support myself and my family. Shortly after graduating from the HIT program I was hired at the VA Medical Center, Jefferson Barracks. Besides now being able to take care of my family, I am also very excited to see where my career will take me.

Lekshmi Kalathil, RHIT

Outpatient Coder
Class of 2013

The Health Information Technology program in SCC really prepared me for getting the RHIT credential which enabled me to obtain a career in revenue cycle management as an outpatient coder. I had had great experience as a student and during practicum. The HIT practicum through St Charles Community College helped me to acquire the necessary skill sets for a coder and definitely helped me in getting my first job. I love my job and am extremely happy that I had chosen SCC's HIT program.

Dennis Gunn, RHIT

Enterprise Coding BJC
Class of 2013

The Health Information Technology program offered at St Charles Community College provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain my RHIT certification. My experience gained throughout the program, along with the relationships built within the classroom and through the required practicum, have provided opportunity and employment. I would not have obtained the position I have without SCC and the HIT program.

Katherine Briggs

Coding Apprentice
Class of 2012

From St. Charles Community College's RHIT program I learned the essentials of Health Information Management (HIM), which enabled me to obtain a position as "coding apprentice" at Lincoln County Medical Center. I love the small hometown environment where other employees treat me like one of the family.

Nancy Ast, RHIT

Trauma Data Analyst
Class of 2011

From St. Charles I learned anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and medical coding, which enabled me to go on to my current career as a trauma data analyst. I love being a trauma registrar. I am able to follow patient care from the trauma, on the ambulance, in the E.R. and O.R. and all departments until the patient is discharged. I am able to use the data recorded to provide analysis that will advance trauma care in my own facility, and provide information to the state and national. I find my career challenging and fulfilling.

Renee Baltz, RHIT

HIM Coordinator
Class of 2011

The Health Information Technology program at SCC helped me in obtaining my RHIT credential. I gained a wealth of information about the enormous potential that one can have with an RHIT credential.

The RHIT credential has led me to a health information manager position at a small hospital. My department consists of only me and I perform EVERY required function of health information management. I even have some of my textbooks from school at work to use as references. This hospital depends on me to assist my administrator to run this hospital efficiently and effectively.

I love my job and I am very thankful for all the knowledge that I gained from SCC.

Elizabeth Ladage, RHIT

EMR Analyst
Class of 2010

From St. Charles Community College I learned different models for medical records management, which enabled me to go on to my current career as an electronic health record analyst. I love being able to apply my knowledge of privacy and HIPAA standards to the new frontier of electronic health records.

Sandra J. Williams, BS, RHIT, CTR

Cancer Registrar
Class of 2010

The Health Information Technology program at St Charles Community College provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this field. Through the relationships built with area hospitals and outpatient facilities, I was also able to gain valuable hands-on experience during my clinical rotations. Without this program, I never would have known about the opportunities available to me and would still be looking for my dream job, which I secured following graduation. Now I am a cancer registrar at a local hospital and every day help pave the way for a cure to the disease that affects millions of people every year.

Christine Mulderig, RN, RHIT, CSTR

Trauma Data Analyst, Mercy Hospital, St Louis
Class of 2009

Going back to school was one of the best decisions I ever made. I chose St. Charles Community College to enter the field of health information technology as the perfect match to my background in nursing. I am now a trauma data analyst and I love my job … I have used all the skills I learned in the HIT program: coding, data gathering, abstracting and report writing, to name a few. The HIT curriculum at SCC in one of the best!

Patsye Stanley, RHIT, CSTR, CAISS

Trauma Data Analyst
Class of 2008

I owe my present career and success to my introduction to the Health Information Management program at St. Charles Community College. While still a student I took a part-time position as a trauma registrar, which gave me the opportunity to use all the skills I learned in class. I added specialized credentials as a Certified Specialist in Trauma Registry and as a Certified Abbreviated Injury Scaling Specialist. I am now faculty, teaching the AIS injury coding system, have been active and presented at the state and national level, and I am presently working as an independent trauma data analyst.

I believe the education and skills acquired to become an RHIT was the best foundation from which to expand my expertise and competence in trauma data management. I couldn't be happier in my career choice.

Mike Klein, RHIT, CCS

Coding Coordinator for G2N
Class of 2004

The HIT program at St. Charles Community College provided me with an outstanding foundation to help propel me into my current position as coding coordinator. I really enjoy coding and making the connection to the many reimbursement complexities to help understand the full picture of the revenue cycle.

Jennifer Bourn, RHIT

Manager, Health Information Services, CenterPointe Hospital
Class of 1998

SCC gave me the initial knowledge and skills to obtain the RHIT credential and launch a successful career in the health information management field. Through SCC, my practicum experience led to obtaining a permanent full-time position in the Health Information Department. Within two years of hire, I was promoted from the entry-level position to coordinator of the department.

I am currently manager of a health information department supervising 12 employees, while managing the transition from paper to electronic record keeping practices and maintaining compliance.

Amanda Lester, RHIT

Manager, Health Information Services, Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital St. Louis
Class of 1998

The HIT program at SCC provided me with the foundation to begin my career in health information management. As a student I had the opportunity to do a practicum in a non-traditional environment and this opened the doors for me to see all the different things that can be done with an RHIT credential.  I have worked in traditional and non-traditional HIM positions and value the experience this has given me.   I look forward to the challenges that are in the future for HIM departments and know that my education at SCC has prepared me to succeed.

Sherry L. McAllister, RHIT, CTR

Oncology Data Coordinator
Class of 1995

At 31, I became a single parent and relocated to St. Peters.  St. Charles Community College offered the HIT program, which would enable me to both start over again and to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps.  I have been in the field now for over 16 years and am extremely happy with my profession and my life.  The education I received there was top notch and the whole experience changed my life in the best possible way!

Penelope Ritchie, RHIT

Quality Improvement Analyst, Mercy Clinic
Class of 1995

The HIT program at St. Charles gave me the knowledge and confidence in the health information field, which has enabled me to go on to my current career as a quality improvement analyst. I perform many different tasks such as coding, auditing and educating. I truly love working with the physicians to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients.

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