Microsoft Academy

Our Microsoft program will teach you how to do the job of a network administrator, network engineer, end-user support specialist or help desk technician. In addition, our training will help to prepare you for industry certifications like MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate), MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) and MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional).

Students in the Microsoft program are required to purchase an external USB powered portable hard drive for use in hands-on training. Students will install both workstation and server operating systems on these drives using virtualization software. The focus of the program will depend on current corporate demands. The training is hands-on to better prepare you for the job market.

Classes meet once per week or twice per week for a total of three to five hours weekly for a full semester. Plan on additional time outside of class to complete labs not finished in class.

Classes should be taken in the following order:

  1. CPC 125: Windows Desktop Operating Systems
  2. CPC 202: Windows Server (includes Active Directory)

Students enroll on a class-by-class basis and are not required to take all classes. Classes may be canceled if there is insufficient enrollment. Open enrollment for the Microsoft program occurs on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Although interesting, these classes are challenging. In addition to class time and several additional hours working on labs outside of class, you should also plan to spend several hours outside of class studying on a weekly basis.

In addition, assessment exams over the material taught in the class may be given via computerized testing similar to certification exams. Students are required to take a skills-based final that may last several hours. These exams will cover the skills that Microsoft recommends you should have before attempting a certification exam.

Some students successfully pass certification exams without on-the-job experience. However, Microsoft recommends at least one year of on-the-job experience before attempting certification exams.

Getting started is easy!

If you have never been an SCC student, you must complete an Application for Admissions and the Class Add/Drop form. Current students may register online. There are no prerequisites to get started with CPC 170: CCNA1.

You may pick and choose specific class sequences as you work towards certifications without working on earning a degree. However, if you plan to earn a degree, please visit an academic counselor early in your training. All classes are for college credit and may be applied toward a degree program if you wish.

For more information, contact Mike Fuszner at to set up a time to meet. You'll have a chance to talk about your background, experience, goals, take a brief tour and prepare to sign-up for classes if the program fits your educational needs.

Some classes fill up quickly. Students register on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is suggested that you register as soon as registration opens up each semester. Spring registration begins in late October; summer and fall registration begins in early April.

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