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View a Foreign Film at a Film Series or Movie Theater

General Education Capstone Course
Event/Experience Details and Guideline Form

Discipline submitting activity: Foreign Language, Global Culture

Categories of General Education: Humanities, Multicultural/Valuing 

SCC Competency addressed by event: Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the evolving nature of societies and the interdependence among all peoples.

Event experience Title: “View a Foreign Film at a Film Series or Movie Theater” 

Anticipated Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of this project, students will identify differences, similarities and connections between their own culture and culture(s) depicted in the film, and articulate how differences may or may not be reflected in the cinema produced in other countries.

Guidelines or rubric for accomplishment of event: 

  1. Attend the showing of an *approved foreign film at a film series event or movie theatre.
    *Approved films will include those shown as part of a college or university film series, the St. Louis International Film festival, and most foreign films shown at the Landmark theatres. 
  2. After viewing the film, students should consult the Internet Movie Database website [www.imdb.com] for further information needed to answer questions B and C below.
  3. Write your paper, addressing the following questions:
    1. What film did you see? Who is the director of this film? Where was s/he born, and in what year? Name two other films made by this director. Give a very brief synopsis of the movie. For example, films depict daily-life culture in a wide variety of settings. What nationalities and/or cultures were depicted in this film? In what time period was it set? Were the people depicted in this film, wealthy, middle-class or poor?
    2. What did this film show about the lifestyles of people from this culture in regard to family and relationships, eating habits, health and health care, money, housing and leisure time activities? Do you think that this film was typical of all people from this country or culture?
    3. Read one or two reviews of the film on the Internet Movie Database website. (The link for this will be “external reviews” on the left side of the screen. The reviews by Roger Ebert and James Berardinelli are usually trustworthy.) Please note which review(s) you read. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion of the reviewer(s)?
    4. Who was the one character that impressed you the most? Why?
    5. What are the universal themes depicted in this film that are not restricted to time and place? Make a connection to other works in the humanities that encompass the same universal themes. 

Estimated time: 3-4 hours

Created by: Denise McCracken and Jane Zeiser