SCC Multicultural Programming Event

Event/Experience Details and Guideline Form

Discipline covered in General Education: Multicultural Valuing

Event experience title: Multicultural Event/ Performance/Speech

Anticipated Learning Outcome

Demonstrate an understanding of the evolving nature of societies and the interdependence among all peoples.

Identify, analyze and articulate their own values as well as those of others and recognize how these values affect opinions, decisions and behaviors.

Make and defend conclusions using relevant evidence and reasoned arguments.

Guidelines or Rubric for Accomplishment of Event

Attend one of the cultural events, performances or speeches listed on the Multicultural/Valuing Events page.

After attending the event, write a one to two page paper, using the following questions and prompts as a guideline:

Introduction Paragraph:

  • State specifically what the event was and date and venue.
  • Describe what you knew about the speaker, performer, or event before attending.
  • In a three to four sentences, summarize the performance, speech, or event.
  • In one sentence, state your overall reaction to how the event changed, enhanced, or otherwise affected you.

Body Paragraphs:

  • Describe what you knew about the subject of the event or the performer/speaker before attending, and describe what you learned during the event.
  • Respond to specific direct quotes or scenes from the performance, event, or speech.
  • Do further research on the event, speech, or performance (after the event) and explain how that enhanced your understanding or view of the world.
  • Further support your main point (last sentence of the introductory paragraph) with explanation, evidence (direct quotes, examples, facts, or expert opinion).


  • Explain how the event contributed to your understanding of your own and others’ cultural values, as well as the evolution of those values.

Contact Name: Multicultural Programming Committee

Contact website URL:

Estimated Time: 2-4 hours

Created by: Virginia Guneyli


Did essay fulfill SCC competency?   _____YES   _____ NO   _____PARTIALLY

Did essay fulfill event guidelines?    _____YES   _____ NO   _____PARTIALLY