Attend a Professional Theatrical Production

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event experience Title: Attending a live play production, either here at SCC Center Stage Theatre, or at the Fox, Muny Opera or the Black Repertory Theatre

Gen. Ed. Category Event should be listed under: Humanities

SCC Competency addressed by event:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the range of works in the humanities , (for theater include staging, spectacle, character, plot and thought.)
  • Identify and apply the aesthetic standards used to make informed judgments in various fields in the humanities.
  • Articulate an informed response to popular or classical works in the humanities.

Guidelines for accomplishment of event:

  • Identify the play and when and where you saw it.
  • Plot  – Describe the main action or events that make up the story.
  • Characters – Describe the personalities of the various characters onstage.
  • Spectacle – Describe the visual elements of the play, including scenery, costumes and lights.
  • Thought – What is the universal message or moral that you feel the playwright was trying to express? Use examples to support your idea.

You can check the SCC website for information about the Center Stage Theatre productions. Check the Riverfront Times for information about the Fox, Muny, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis  and the Black Repertory.

Contact information available on the SCC Sophomore Portfolio (Capstone) website.

SCC Event Creators: Pamela Cilek and Lonna Wilke


Did essay fulfill SCC competency?   YES            NO             PARTIALLY

Did essay fulfill event guidelines?     YES            NO             PARTIALLY