Intimate Partner Violence

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event Title: Intimate Partner Violence and Technology

SCC Competencies: Explain social institutions, structure, and processes across a range of historical periods, places, and/or cultures.

Draw on the social sciences to evaluate the diversity and complexity of contemporary local and global issues to provide a better understanding of the student‘s relationship to the social issues.

Higher Order Thinking Competencies:

  1. To make observations, recognize problematic elements, and to organize information.
  2. Analyze and synthesize information from a variety of sources and apply the results to resolving complex situations.

Managing Information: Obtain information from a variety of sources and be able to critically analyze and evaluate the information for accuracy and relevance.

This event involves attending the presentation “Intimate partner violence and technology”.  Write a concise summary of the critical information presented in the lecture.  Identify the definition of intimate partner violence and what that definition includes. Summarize some of the theories relating to intimate partner violence and what they say about causes of violence.   As part of your summary include the ways that technology has had an influence on intimate partner violence and they type of activities that are included that may not have been 10 to 15 years ago.

Once you have completed your summary utilize the SCC Library and databases to focus on the long term consequences of intimate partner violence.  You will focus on the victim, the aggressor, and the societal cost at large.  When describing consequences of intimate partner violence, think of the physical, social and emotional toll to the victim. You will use several different sources to identify the consequences of allowing and/or not assisting those who have suffered.   Statistics and costs are useful when writing about the societal cost and the CDC and the Bureau of Justice website are good sources when it comes to American data, however, to understand the societal costs you may want to think beyond just the United States.

As your conclusion you will reflect on ways that you can help in reducing Intimate Partner Violence.  It could be as simple as becoming aware of beliefs and attitudes towards a significant other.  It could be in volunteering.  The purpose is to think about how you can affect a change after learning more about this area and long term consequences of allowing it to continue

At the completion of this event you should have a minimum of 5 pages, plus works cited page.  This will include a 1-1 ½  page summary of the presentation and 3 ½ pages to 4 pages of research on long term consequences.  As you summarize be sure to highlight what positive you see in using technology to HELP those individuals suffering from this situation.

SCC event creator:  Marvin Tobias