International Education Week

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event Title: International Education or Global Educational Event

Gen. Ed. Category Event should be listed under: Humanities and Multicultural

SCC competency addressed by event:  Demonstrate an understanding of the evolving nature of societies and the interdependence among all peoples.

Anticipated Learning Outcome: Enriched understanding of the role education plays in the many ethnic communities in the  U.S. and the world at large.

Guidelines for accomplishment of event:

Go to the SCC calendar, where you will find the agenda and descriptions for International  Education Week  (Mid November) and pick a session to attend.

Compose a minimum four page summary of the event you experienced. 

Keep in mind the competencies identified with the help of your Capstone facilitator as you make an account of your experiences. 

When you attend, be alert to the thesis of the presentation, particularly as it relates to what the presenter is offering about the quality, depth or function of the topic, and how the thesis is supported (i.e. evidence, examples).  Explain in detail the event and write a clear, concise thesis statement.

Feel free to ask the presenter to clarify his or her thesis.  Find an article that supports the presenter’s position, or find a universal theme, dilemma or viewpoint that could attract any audience and articulate an informed position on it.   Or find an opposing article that supports better your position and incorporate it into your paper.  What most impressed you that perhaps changed a previous attitude or belief?  Can you evaluate the historical, cultural or social connection or relevancy to our society today?  If necessary, do some research to support your informed response.  A works cited page and proper MLA citation required.

SCC Event Creator: Jane Zeiser-Wright


Did essay fulfill SCC competency?   YES        NO          PARTIALLY

Did essay fulfill event guidelines?   YES        NO          PARTIALLY