History Museum Visit

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event title: History Museum Visit

General education category event should be listed under:  Social Sciences

SCC competency addressed by event:

  • SS: Explain social institutions, structure and processes across a range of historical periods, places and/or cultures.
  • SS: Develop and communicate hypothetical explanations, predictions and descriptions of human behavior within an historical, spatial and/or social context.

Guidelines for accomplishment of event:

  • Visit one of the listed history museum options and write a minimum four page essay about your impressions of the exhibit.
  • A successful essay will:
    1. Place the subject or topic of the museum exhibit in historical context.  This means that the student should make specific reference to the place, time period and/or chronology in which the topic or subject of the exhibit took place. Outside research is expected to give a detailed account of the historical significance.
    2. Do research to explain how the exhibit interprets the past. 
      • Identify an overarching theme of the exhibit.
      • Describe the exhibit’s layout and displays. 
      • Discuss how the exhibit’s design and organization may shape interpretations of the subject or topic.
    3. Discuss the significance or relevance of the exhibit to the past and then to our current society today.
    4. Include a works cited page and proper MLA citation.

Contact information available on the SCC Sophomore Portfolio (Capstone) website.

SCC event co-creators: Dan Rezny, Debra Crank-Lewis, Hal Berry


Did essay fulfill SCC competency? _____ YES  _____ NO   _____ PARTIALLY

Did essay fulfill event guidelines? ____ YES   _____ NO    _____ PARTIALLY