Democracy Days

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event Title: Democracy Days

Gen. Ed. Category Event should be listed under    Multicultural Valuing or Social Sciences depending on the subject matter


Guidelines for accomplishment of Event:

  • Through this Capstone assignment, you are invited to enter into the discourse of a topic that in some way, large or small, has to do with democracy. Your paper will incorporate the substance of a presentation that you see along with further information and viewpoints that you research.
  • The finished product will be a synthesis essay of a mínimum 4 page length with at least three sources (one of them being the Democracy Days presentation you attend). Your paper can be either informative or persuasive. Avoid a dry recitation of facts. Show the relationships between ideas. Document your work in MLA format (including a Works Cited page).
  • When you attend, be alert to the thesis of the presentation. If you are in any way unclear about it, ask the presenter to clarify. These people are, after all, here to help you. You can also ask for suggested areas for more study.
  • What examples and other supporting detail does the presenter use to advance his or her point?


Be prepared to take lots of notes!


When you conduct further study, go forth in the spirit of democracy and seek a number of viewpoints.

  • Ask yourself, What did you learn and did anything about it challenge any of your attitudes or beliefs? What are some of the historical, cultural or social connections that you can make for the topic to our society? 
  • Try to get reasonably well read on the subject. Be aware of the quality differences as you browse sources and go for the sources that are solidly grounded in data. Surely your D DAYS presentation will have to do in some way with ideas in dispute. That’s the point of your continued reading and reflection on the subject – to deepen your encounter with what you experience at Democracy Days.
  • Think of a Venn diagram and consider the Democracy Days presentation you’ve attended as one body of ideas-and-information that touch upon and overlap other bodies.


Your Capstone facilitator will help you in identifying the “competencies” that are supposed to be highlighted in your work.

 SCC Event creator: Michael Kuelker