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Cultural Event – Performance or International Speaker

Faculty Contribution to General Education Capstone Course

Event/Experience Details and Guideline Form

Discipline covered in General Education: Multicultural Valuing

Event experience title: Cultural Event/ Performance or International Speaker

Anticipated learning outcome:

Demonstrate an understanding of the evolving nature of societies and the interdependence among all peoples.

Identify, analyze and articulate their own values as well as those of others and recognize how these values affect opinions, decisions and behaviors.

Make and defend conclusions using relevant evidence and reasoned arguments.

Guidelines or rubric for accomplishment of event:

Attend an international cultural event, performance or a guest speaker. After attending the event, write a minimum four page paper, using the following questions and prompts as a guideline:

  • State specifically what the event was and the venue.
  • What new knowledge did you gain from the event?
  • What most impressed you that perhaps changed a previous attitude or belief?
  • Find a universal theme that could attract any audience and articulate an informed personal position on that theme.
  • Learn more about one aspect of this particular culture by doing some research and incorporate it into your paper.
  • Did you experience any emotions during the event that took you by surprise? Did the performer or speaker exhibit any unexpected emotions?
  • Describe any mannerisms, different patterns of interactions, idiomatic expressions that you noticed.
  • Make a connection with this experience to your own culture. Include a works cited page and proper MLA citation.

Contact Name: Arts and Entertainment section in the Post-Dispatch, Riverfront Times

Contact website URL:

Estimated Time:  2-4 hours

Created by: Jane Zeiser-Wright


Did essay fulfill SCC competency?   YES         NO            PARTIALLY

Did essay fulfill event guidelines?    YES          NO            PARTIALLY