COL 299 Content Requirement Details

Event Selection

There are several selection criteria that you must adhere to:

  1. You must select an event from each of the three categories: Humanities; Social Science; Multicultural Valuing.
  2. You may only select one event that involves watching a film or documentary.
  3. You are strongly encouraged to select at least one event that is on campus.
  4. Any changes to the event must be approved by either the capstone teacher or the event creator or possibly both.

Description of Event Essays

The event essays must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. You must submit the event form with your event essay.
  2. Your event essay must answer, or at least address, all of the guideline questions outlined on the event form.
  3. The essay must be minimum four pages with a research component and works cited, double spaced with normal fonts and margins. 
  4. The essay must be written in one of the approved standard formats, for this course it is MLA. (See Citing Your Sources.)
  5. List the name of the event and the event category on your event essay.

Reflection essay

The reflection piece is a self evaluation. 

Read the three articles assigned to you. Then apply the theoretical concepts to your CURRENT reality and then address these questions in your essay?

a. In your intro paragraph, summarize the article or articles that most pertain to your current reality and then create a clear thesis statement on how education and your key values will support your chosen career.

b. Consider what would be the terminal value that you would place as the single most important goal that would propel you toward living your life the most fully?  What would be the next most important thing you could integrate into your life that would have the greatest positive affect?

c.  Discuss how motivation and values change as a person matures. Have you seen yourself focus more or your values and progress in your moral development?

d.  In your summary address who you are currently as a college student transitioning into your major fields of study.  Why are you choosing this field of study based on your values, needs and level of motivation?  How do you plan on becoming a contributing citizen in our global society?

Description of Event Peer Reviews

The peer reviews must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. The peer review process will both allow you to review samples of other work and also allow you to get suggestions for your own work from your peers in class.
  2. Reviewing the work of others requires some tact.  This is not an opportunity to vent your anger about other issues nor, however, is it a situation to ignore problems.  There is a fine line between being too nice and being too mean.
  3. Your job as a reviewer is to give an honest and fair assessment of whether or not the work accomplished the goal of the assignment.  There are several criteria that you will need to review to determine if your fellow student accomplished the goals of the event.
  4. Your job as a critique receiver is to determine which suggestions you feel are relevant and useful and incorporate those ideas into your final essay and disregard comments that are not helpful or diminish the impact of your essay.

Description of Portfolio Format and Electronic Requirements

The portfolio must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. The submitted portfolio must be professional.
    1. Imagine you are submitting a proposal for a professional job.  What impression do you want to make?
  2. You must submit:
    1. Final (revised) copy of each event essay
    2. The corresponding event form for your event essay.
    3. Your reflection paper.
    4. A digital version* of your portfolio containing:
      1. Final version of each of your three event essays
      2. Reflection essay.

*A digital version can be saved on either  a CD or a USB port (jump drive). These digital formats will not be returned to the student.

Passing Grades

Depending on the total points your individual professor has created for the class, you must earn 75% of the total points to pass the class.