Black History Month

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event Title:  Black History Month, Spring  (Early February)  

General Education Category Event Should Be Listed Under: Multicultural Valuing

SCC Competency Addressed by Event: Consider multiple perspectives inherent in other cultures, recognize distinctive viewpoints and biases, deal with ambiguity and articulate an informed position.

Obtain information from a variety of sources, and be able to critically analyze and evaluate the information for accuracy and relevance.

Guidelines for Accomplishment of Event:

Go to the Capstone Web page, where you will find the events and their descriptions for Black History Month (Late January to early February), and pick one event to attend. All events will take place in the SSB auditorium and are free.

When you attend, be alert to a) the thesis of the presentation, particularly as it relates to African Americans historically, culturally or emotionally and b) how the thesis is supported (i.e. evidence, examples). The thesis is the topic, purpose and focus of a speech, film or artwork. Keep in mind that each event has to do in some way with real or perceived racism and/or stereotypes of racial and cultural groups.

Find at least one article or editorial that enlarges your understanding of the thesis of the event, or perhaps one competing point of view, and write a minimum of 4 pages about it. You will, in other words, write a synthesis-based paper on the material from the Black History Month event and other sources. Your paper can be informative or persuasive. Be sure to articulate an informed position.

Include in-text citations and a works cited page in proper MLA style.

Contact Information Available on the SCC Sophomore Portfolio (Capstone) Web Page:

SCC Event Creator: Jane Zeiser-Wright


Did essay fulfill SCC competency?  __ YES            __ NO           __ PARTIALLY

Did essay fulfill event guidelines?   __ YES            __ NO           __ PARTIALLY