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Careers in Anthropology

Most anthropologists are employed in academic activities. In these activities they specialize in one of four areas: archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology or physical anthropology. These specializations lead the anthropologist to conduct research and teach. However, the American Anthropological Association estimates that 30 percent of anthropologists are not employed in academic settings. These anthropologists could be found assisting the government in developing strategies to induce change within a society or help corporate employees understand different cultures. 

A major in anthropology can prepare the student for work in many areas. Such a major allows the student to have a broad understanding of various cultures and their practices. Therefore, the skills obtained by an anthropology major could help someone who intends to work in the following fields :

  • law
  • medicine
  • public relations
  • social work
  • urban planning
  • Peace Corps

 Such a major can provide a depth of understanding and opportunities. 

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