English as a Second Language

SCC offers non-native speakers the opportunity to participate in a full program to improve their reading, grammar, composition and speaking skills through both credit and non-credit English as a Second Language (ESL) and reading (RDG) courses.

The following ESL credit courses are offered:

  • ESL 100: College Success for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 103/SPE 100: Pronunciation and Communication for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 104 (Formerly RDG 104): College Reading for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 105: Advanced Conversation for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 106 (Formerly RDG 106): Advanced College Reading for ESL Students
  • ESL 107 (Formerly ESL 101): Grammar Review for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 108 (Formerly ESL 102): Intermediate Grammar and Composition for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 120: Success in Health Care Careers for Non-Native Speakers

For more information about the non-credit class, see the Corporate and Community Development page.

For more information about ESL credit courses, contact Dawn Huffman, assistant professor and ESL program coordinator, at 636-922-8574 or dhuffman@stchas.edu.

ESL Friendly Courses

The designation "ESL Friendly" means that ESL students will join the native-speaking students in a section of a course taught by an instructor trained in ESL teaching methods. Special support and additional instruction will be offered to ESL students in order to help them meet the criteria of the course.

Support Services for Students
The ACE Center offers the Literacy Education Action Program (LEAP); individual tutoring by ESL-trained instructors; computer programs in grammar, vocabulary and composition; as well as reference books for individual study and TOEFL preparation.

Support Services for Teachers
The ACE Center has a selection of ESL textbooks.

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