Computer Science - Multimedia and Web Design

Computer Science – Multimedia and Web Design

Multimedia is the combination of a variety of media used to create a presentation. For 50 years, television has been one of the most popular forms of multimedia presentations, combining sound, graphics, video and text to provide viewers with entertaining and educational programming.

Today, the World Wide Web and CD-ROMs offer computer users the same type of multimedia presentations, with the added plus of interactivity. Users of the Web or CD-ROM can interact with and control the message by choosing their own unique, self-paced path.

What You Will Learn:

  • Web page design and development
  • Multimedia programming to create interactive CDs for training, education, marketing and research
  • 2D and 3D graphics and animation for the Web
  • Video and sound editing
  • How to integrate different types of content (script, design, video, audio, etc.) into an artistically powerful whole multimedia project
  • Dynamic scripting (programming) languages to create vibrant websites

Transferring Credits to a Four-Year Program?

The four-year program of your choice always has the final say. SCC students find, however, that general education credits transfer quite successfully. The courses specific to this SCC degree/certificate are most often completely transferable as well, although some transfer as electives.

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